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Ave Maria Little League

Mission Statement

Ave Maria Little League Mission Statement

Ave Maria Little League exists to develop youth and build an Allegiance instilled with Values and Excellence. Our goal is to form Mature, Accountable individuals who display Respect, Intensity, and Admiration on and off the field. We are AVE MARIA Little League.









Code of Conduct

Rules and expectations for coaches:

1.  Keep baseball fun.  Be firm with discipline, but don’t belittle or demean players.

2.  Be on time for games and practices or find a parent to fill in.

3.  Complete a background check with the league.

4.  Be respectful of umpires, parents, and opposing players, coaches, and fans.

5.  Be available for coaches interview with board members.


7.  Work together with board members getting the fields ready for game days.

8.  Effective communication with other coaches and board members.

Rules and expectations of players:

1.  Attend practices regularly, be on time and stay until the end of practice.

2.  Be available for the entire season. Commit to actively participate in practice as this is very important to the learning experience and to the team. Respect others and avoid disruptive behaviors.

3.  May be asked to play in different positions. Minimum playing time may occur during some games.

4.  Ensure that you are prepared and ready for each practice and game. Demonstrate organization, time management, a strong work ethic, and a willingness to learn. Go to the coach with any questions or concerns about practice or games to ensure our success.

5.  Understand that you will be in a learning environment where the rigor may challenge you; Remain positive and understand that this is a necessary part of learning and our success. Commit to strive and embrace difficulty with optimism. Always remember to have FUN!!!!


Rules and expectations for parents:

1.  Volunteer. 

2.   Realize your child’s presence is crucial to the success and morale of the team. In fairness to his/her teammates and the league, assure that you will be available to attend practices and games. Keep in contact with the coaches if your child cannot attend a game or practice.

3.  Actively and regularly communicate with coaches and little league personnel.

4.  As parents, we understand that we will provide Ave Maria Little League with a copy of birth certificate or acceptable proof of age and residency as per Little League rules.

5.  As parents, we understand that we will provide only positive reinforcement for players and to not “coach” during a game or practice. Additionally, understand that as a representatives of Ave Maria Little League we will always honor and exemplify the principles of Little League. As parents, we understand that we are responsible for our attitudes and behavior toward coaches, players, other parents, spectators, and umpires. Ave Maria Little League expects parents to be supportive and encouraging throughout the season and during all practices and games.

Field Status

Open Open

Field 1 (03:42 PM | 01/28/19)

Open Open

Field 2 (06:36 PM | 07/06/19)

Open Open

Ave Maria North Park (12:24 PM | 10/07/20)

Open Open

Ave Maria South Park (06:46 PM | 07/06/19)

Open Open

North Naples / Star Petty (06:43 PM | 07/06/19)

Open Open

Fleischmann Park (06:43 PM | 07/06/19)

Open Open

Max Hasse (06:43 PM | 07/06/19)

Open Open

Golden Gate Little League (06:43 PM | 07/06/19)

Open Open

Gulf Coast (06:43 PM | 07/06/19)

Open Open

Lehigh Community Park (08:05 AM | 02/16/21)

Open Open

Immokalee (08:06 AM | 02/16/21)

Open Open

Max A Hasse Jr Community Park (Estates LL) (08:07 AM | 02/16/21)